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Enercon LLC offers a variety of windows and screens to fit your unique needs.

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Vinyl Windows 

Vinyl framed windows are the best option for complete replacement windows in the Bryan and College Station (TX) areas. Since the frame is not a thermal conductor, vinyl is more efficient than aluminum framed windows. In addition, the construction of vinyl windows is much tighter which eliminates the draftiness of other windows. The combination of the frame and the tightness makes these windows considerably quieter than aluminum windows. Wood windows offer many of the advantages of vinyl windows but they tend to rot in our humid climate. Finally, vinyl windows are easy to maintain.

Enercon's primary source for vinyl windows is Burris Windows in Dallas. They offer both the Burris Tectview and Certainteed Bryn Mawr line of windows. Vinyl windows are available in three frame colors: white, tan and clay.

Vinyl windows are available in almost any style to meet your window needs.

Enercon employees can install vinyl replacement windows in any type of home without damaging the structure. We use our own full-time employees that do this work every day.

Burris vinyl windows come with an industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

Aluminum Replacement Windows

Aluminum Replacement Windows 

Aluminum replacement windows are another viable option for replacement windows in Bryan and College Station (TX) climates (as well as the rest of Central Texas). They come in four colors:

Enercon Windows & Hardware, LLC. has three primary sources for aluminum replacement windows:

All replacement windows are custom fabricated to meet the dimensions of your home.

Insulated Glass Window

Insulated Glass Windows 

Insulated glass units have a sealed air space between the two panes of glass to create an insulating pocket. When the seal fails, you lose the insulating pocket and will notice unsightly moisture and shadows between the glass panes. With few exceptions, these insulated glass units can be replaced reusing the existing window frames.

For most applications, there are two options for insulated glass; clear and low-e insulated glass. Clear glass provides an insulated pocket but does not significantly reduce solar heat gain. Low emissivity (low-e) glass provides an insulating pocket as well as a solar heat gain barrier. A law was passed in Texas requiring all homes built after 2002 to have low-e insulated glass. Some homes built in the 90s have low-e glass as well. Windows with clear insulated glass can be upgraded to low-e glass. However, it does have a tint when viewed from the outside so typically the whole window would need to be upgraded.

Enercon Windows and Hardware, LLC. offers a ten-year limited warranty on its insulated glass replacements.

Solar Screens and Shades 

Solar screens and shades are a relatively inexpensive option to reduce solar heat gain. These screens (or shades) cover the entire window and block from 70% to 99% of the solar heat gain. Both the frames and the mesh are available in a number of colors to match your home. These screens can be bent to match geometric windows. Interior mounted roll-up screens are also available with solar mesh.

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